Detatched single-family house in Cabrils

House in La Llobera

282 m2


This property is located in Cabrils with fine views of the sea and mountains. The topography of the lot is practically level but there is a drop down to the street of 2.50 metres which is dealt with by the existing retaining walls.

The residence consists of a compact building completely surrounded by a perimeter garden.  A design relationship has been created between the lower level rooms and the characteristics of the surrounding garden space, giving each area a unique and connected character.

The house is enclosed by a sloping roof, in accordance with the governing regulations, and three spaces mesh together to form a central courtyard around which the layout is designed.

The south-east and north-west façades have large openings in order to take advantage of the property’s fantastic views, while the north-east and south-west façades, which face the neighbouring buildings, remain more opaque.

The residence is mainly focused on its lower level, with a bedroom suite, a double bedroom, a study, two bathrooms, salon, kitchen and a laundry room. The attic level is a multi-purpose space, with direct access to the terrace-belvedere, and oriented to provide the best views from the property.

There are three areas on the ground floor: the living room and kitchen area, linked to two outdoor porches, the main en-suite bedroom area, as well as a guest and/or work area. These three spaces look over an interior courtyard, allowing for an expanding angle of view of the residence from its entrance while providing natural illumination and ventilation to the central space. This central zone is configured along a longitudinal strip, which from the entrance crosses the entire residence. It is characterised by differentiated flooring which extends to the garden. Additionally, it is partially covered by a skylight that emphasises the volume of the space.

There is a design continuity between the finishes of the roof and the façades, which are completed using ventilated porcelain cladding providing greater insulation properties, increased soundproofing and more effectively managing rain and water contact. The large windows are protected from solar radiation by a network of fixed slats.