Interior renovation of a private home

Residence on Colon street

Vilassar de Mar


This single-family detached home is located in a residential area of Vilassar de Mar, surrounded by other houses with similar characteristics. It consists of two above ground floors with a part-basement level. The vertical arterial core connecting the three levels is comprised of a staircase and an elevator.

On the ground floor there is an open living/dining room space, kitchen and bathroom. Upstairs there is a single bedroom and a study looking out onto the street and an en-suite bedroom looking out over the back garden. The basement area is used mainly as a garage, but also has a cellar and a laundry room.

The renovation affected mainly the ground floor including furniture designs, for every room on this level. In addition, enclosing walls were integrated into the elevator core, making use of glass panels that provide more transparency and openness to the space, along with a display case and kitchen cabinets.

The upper floor finished woodwork blends with that of the bedrooms, and the existing doors are lacquered in a warm grey. Additionally, the wall lighting fixtures were replaced with lights embedded in the ceiling. For the suite, an open dressing room was designed, with custom-made finishes for each space in accordance with the clients’ requirements.

On the semi-basement level, the furniture was also designed with respect to the setbacks of the walls, permitting the integration and concealment pipes and electrical work. This level also has a cellar, consisting of prefabricated acrylic pieces for storing bottles, and  indirect back lighting, producing an attractive optical effect with light passing through the bottles.