Single-family detached house in Cabrils

House in Ca l'Estrany

2004 - 2005
2005 - 2007
229 m2


Taking into consideration both the level nature of the site and the client’s requirements the building is divided into two sections: one housing the main living area and the second containing an attached garage. The building is carefully situated within this small lot, and in compliance with zoning requirements, is placed towards the street which also serves to open up the rear garden and to maximize the use of natural light.

The main structure contains two floors, and is highlighted by a white S-shaped brick line folding around the structure, and sitting above the more simply designed garage. This geometry produces a second internal layer housing the main entryways.

The house, a residence for a young family, opens from the street with a separated private drive and pedestrian entrance. The building is surrounded by wooded walkways and private garden space. The interior of the building is designed around a central roofed courtyard bathed in natural light which gives both access and clear visual lines throughout the space. On the ground floor, where the main living area is located, and on the first floor, where the bedrooms are, the same flooring material extends both inside and out into the gardens and terraces creating a strong sense of visual continuity, a sense of bringing the outside in.