Single-family detached house in Cabrera de Mar

House in Mas Terrillo

Cabrera de Mar
2002 - 2003
2003 - 2004
236 m2


This single level building is divided into two sections centered on the main entrance: one dedicated to the main living area which gives directly onto the garden, and the other containing the bedrooms which give onto both the garden and an internal courtyard. Sight lines extend outward through large windows and as the flooring both internally and externally is the same, a strong sense of continuity is created.

In response to local zoning regulations, this L-shaped building has gardens both in the back and front. Access to the building and garage is through the front garden space.

The L-shaped volume of this house was designed with a limestone finish featuring horizontals lines. These horizontal design elements are accented with concrete overhangs that protect the openings and suppor the external sliding wooden blinds. The garage is finished in dark-colored brick in order to maintain uniformity with other garages on the street.