Renovation of the blacksmith's house in Vilassar de Mar

Cal Ferrer

Vilassar de Mar
2010 - 2011
204 m2


This project was the renovation of a ‘casa de cos’, a traditional style of town house from the Maresme area. This property includes a back yard, and is located in the older central section of Vilassar de Mar. The house is approximately 125 years old but still maintains its original design elements.

The project respects and maintains the original style, highlighting some of the building’s distinctive features such as the façades, the vaulted structure over the stairs as well as the vaulted ceilings of the ground floor, where the plaster covering has been removed, leaving the brick tile visible.

The interior layout has been partly modified by opening two new windows on the first floor, front and back, with the aim of obtaining more visual space and light.
In order to resolve the issue of humidity, which is characteristic of this type of building, the old flooring was removed and replaced, as was the plumbing. The communal walls were refinished and properly ventilated.

The living areas are on the ground floor, including a spacious living room at the front, a bathroom, a large dining room at the rear with access to the garden and to the kitchen. Provision has been made for the possible future installation of an elevator to the first floor.

The first floor contains a suite at the front with a walk-in closet, there are two single rooms at the back, and situated at the top of the stairs, another bathroom alongside the prepared elevator space.

A new wood-beamed roof has been installed replacing the badly deteriorated original. The slope of the roof was increased to create a skylight-lit studio below.