Project for 4 semi-detached single-family residence

Can Serra Residences

2017 - 2018
329 m2


This project consists of four single-family homes, grouped in two pairs, in accordance with the special urban regulation for the area. During the first phase the project’s overall layout was developed by defining the size of the buildings, the composition of the façades and selecting the exterior finish materials for the four residences. During the second phase, we worked with the clients to adapt the interior layout and design to their requirements.

The property has a trapezoidal footprint and is characterised by a drop of 3 metres from street level down to that of the lower floor. The homes have three façades; one facing north-west towards the street, a side elevation, and a south-east facing rear façade overlooking the garden.

Each residence has a two story auxiliary building separated from the main building. These auxiliary buildings serve as garages facing the street. The main building houses the residence and is distributed on three floors, including an attic level.

The principal entrance to each residence, located on the lower level, is accessed from street level by means of an exterior staircase. Access to the first floor is also provided for by means of an exterior walkway connecting it to the garage. Inside, the core vertical communications consists of an elevator and staircase that connect all of the residence’s floors.

The rooms looking out through the rear façade face the garden and to take advantage of the light and views are provided with large exterior windows. The bathroom and kitchen areas are on the north-west façade, guaranteeing natural light and ventilation for all of the spaces.

Living areas are on the lower level, with a large living room, a dining room facing the garden and connected to the kitchen and an exterior porch. By means of an interior passage it is possible to access the lower part of the auxiliary building laid out as a study that receives natural light and ventilation by means of an internal courtyard.

The second floor and attic are laid out with three bedrooms on the second floor and a suite with a studio at the attic. Each level features a large terrace facing to the south-east with excellent views of the sea.