Single-family detached house

House in Mas Enric

Castellbell i el Vilar
2005 - 2006
2006 - 2007
155 m2


The house sits on a 2000 m2 lot intended for single-family residential use. The ground is terraced into four levels supported by small stone walls.

To best utilise the terraced lot and to avoid further leveling, the project is designed to step up through the terrain resulting in a three level home whose different floors are linked together both externally and internally.

The building is divided into two compact south-facing blocks with pitched roofs. The entrance is located at the junction of the two sections of the building. The smaller and higher of the structures contains the bedrooms and is on the same level as the entrance while the larger lower structure contains the living areas including the kitchen. The master bedroom and a study are on the floor above the living areas.