Interior renovation of a residence

Residence on Los Álamos street



This renovated residence is situated on the fourth floor of a multi-family block and has a terrace and storage space on the roof of the building, with access via communal staircase.

The principal objective of the renovation was to install a new interior staircase that would permit direct access from the interior of the residence to the terrace and storage area. In addition, the project included replacing the interior flooring and the renovation of the hall, kitchen, bathrooms as well as the passageway and access to one of the bedrooms.

The new spiral staircase’s dimensions and position were adapted to minimize the impact on the existing structure. So as to provide more space the vestibule has been connected to the living room by removing part of the partition dividing the two spaces.

The clients wanted to keep the kitchen separate from the living room, but the installation of a band of glass on the upper part of the wall provides visual continuity to the whole.

The new flooring, with lighter and more uniform tones than the original terrazzo, as well as the substitution of the interior carpentry with dark brown wood and new LED lighting set into the ceiling, makes the rooms feel larger and brightens the home especially the inner passageways.

The objective of the bathroom alterations was to provide access to the bathtub from both bathrooms. It was decided to change the position of the toilet in one of the bathrooms so that the bathtub of one bathroom and the shower stall from the other could be placed side by side, and to substitute the partition separating them with a sliding glass screen.

With respect to the finishes, the clients were very clear that they wanted dark furnishings with red highlighting elements. In the kitchen the same red was incorporated into the front of the counter tops. In the bathrooms, it was translated into a lineal element that functioned as a shelf.